Challenge Family partners with a number of organisations who share our same core values and without whom we wouldn’t be able to bring you our global series of triathlons. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for their generosity and dedication to our events.

If you’d like to join the Challenge Family please contact us and together we can do great things for the sport of triathlon.

Quintana Roo - Swim

For decades, Quintana Roo has been the leader in performance triathlon swimming. Inventing the swim-specific triathlon wetsuit in 1987, Quintana Roo continues to lead the sport, creating the most innovative wetsuits and swimskins in multisport. With speed, fit and comfort central design elements, QR wetsuits allow triathletes to perform at their best on race day. Quintana Roo wetsuits, swimskins and accessories can be ordered direct online and shipped to your door, ready for your next race.


Quintana Roo - Bike

Quintana Roo invented the first triathlon-specific bike in 1987, and today develops, paints, assembles and ships bikes of exceptional comfort, stability, performance, and safety to triathletes world over. With bikes ordered directly online and backed by a team of supportive, like-minded triathletes, Quintana Roo has grown to earn a place in the top three triathlon brands by market share in the Americas, and a perennial top-10 placement for decades at major triathlons world over.


ROUVY is a digital platform for athletes all over the world to compete, ride or run with friends, complete workouts, and much more. ROUVY offers thousands of stunning video routes and workout options including the ability to race and ride through the entire route catalogue. With fully simulated and realistic efforts.  ROUVY is the best option for the most demanding and toughest endurance athletes to be race-day ready.



Engineered in Switzerland and made in Italy, X-BIONIC® has redefined the world of functional sportswear. Combining cutting-edge technology with innovative fabrics, they are pioneers of performance tech and empower dedicated athletes to excel in their favorite sports. Their performance sportswear is more than just apparel; it’s a catalyst that harnesses physical potential and amplifies athletic achievement. Every detail matters: Premium materials, patented technologies and intelligent function zones turn every garment into a technological masterpiece that adapts to the unique demands of both elite athletes and sports enthusiasts. On their mission to lead athletes towards peak performance, they understand that the secret to success lies within the delicate equilibrium of core body temperature. With an unwavering focus on thermoregulation, their innovative technologies ensure that athletes remain in the optimal performance zone of 37° Celsius, pushing beyond limits and energizing even the boldest dreams. Discover the champions’ choice in performance tech. Discover X-BIONIC®.


PowerBar developed the world’s first energy bars in 1986 and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sports nutrition. PowerBar products provide endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts and team competitors around the world with simple and effective means of gaining the right quality and quantity of nutrition. All products are continually tested and perfected by leading nutritionists, sports scientists and professional athletes.



Since 1924 ABUS has provided the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer, we ensure that our products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security. The division mobile security protects mobile property and offers people products and services for safety on the move. Our portfolio includes among others bike locks and bike helmets – from kids’ helmets to high-performance helmets.


Humango™ is a goal-oriented training app that uses the latest AI technology to deliver personalised endurance training plans. It motivates athletes to achieve their next fitness level by providing step-by-step, structured training plans with detailed workouts and instant feedback from Hugo, the app’s AI-assisted coach. Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or going for your long-distance PR, Humango™ can help you achieve your multi-sport goals. The app takes your training history, current fitness levels, and event goals for the season to create fully optimized training plans while giving you tremendous flexibility. When life’s moments get in the way of training — such as family, work, travel, sickness, or injury — the AI engine will replan your training schedule so you always stay on the path to peak performance. Using the social component of the app, you can connect and train with other athletes racing the same Challenge Family events and share your training experiences.  Humango™ is an affordable training solution for endurance athletes, coaches, clubs, and teams. Learn more at or by signing up below for a free 30-day trial.   



Cadomotus is all about the thrill of speed and the power of human performance. They believe that everyone has the potential to go faster, perform better, and improve themselves. That’s why they create products like their cutting-edge cycling shoes, designed with innovation and a fresh perspective to rethink what’s possible. These shoes aren’t just footwear; they’re a boost to your speed thanks to their advanced technology. But Cadomotus doesn’t stop at shoes. They also offer Race Day Bags, which come from their deep roots in speedskating. With convenient outside pockets, these bags ensure you’ll never forget anything on race day. The design reflects three decades of Dutch expertise in top sports, focusing on aerodynamics, balance, and speed, making their products instantly recognizable. Their technology also dives into the synergy between gear and the human body. They provide a customized fit for ultimate functionality, supported by resources like CadoWiki and a strong focus on ergonomics. This means every product, from their aero helmets to their precision-crafted lenses, is tailored to enhance your performance.


Pletzer Resorts

Whether the mountain calls or the lake – Pletzer Resorts have the perfect answer. In sought after destinations in the Austrian and the Bavarian Alps, they offer relaxing, active holidays. All resorts are state-of-the-art in terms of facilities, design, comfort and sustainability. But what matters most to guests: The Pletzer Resorts love to get people moving – in the mountains, at the lake, in the city as well as in the great outdoors and to give guests an unforgettable time in the midst of the most beautiful landscapes, so that you feel sustainably better after a stay at the resorts. Look forward to taking your well-being to a new level and finding your inner balance with the innovative Move & Relax concept of the resorts. Even when you’ve been home for a long time.



A leader in news and sports media solutions, Tickaroo develops software and apps that enable organisations to engage with their audiences in real-time and reach their monetisation goals. Our live blogging software is used by media houses, event organisers, sports clubs, and associations. More than 72,000 reporters rely on our professional digital publishing software.

Core nutrition planning

CORE Nutrition Planning is all about science based nutrition planning that lets you customize your nutrition according to your goals and preferences. It’s use by lots of pro’s, but amateurs as well. For example: CORE can build a nutrition plan for your next big race or training. And for that, you can choose from hundred of products like drinks, gels and bars.