Year-Around Training Opportunities at Pletzer Resort

The Pletzer Resorts offer competitive athletes optimal conditions and infrastructure for their training.

German triathlete Maja Betz completed her winter training at Das Hohe Salve Sportresort and Das Walchsee Aktivresort. The professional athlete was visibly impressed by the wide range of training options, the expert advice and the personal support at the Pletzer Resorts.

Maja Betz is a two-time and reigning German champion in the long-distance triathlon (2022, 2023) and the middle-distance duathlon (2023). She chose the Hohe Salve Sportresort as the destination for her winter training camp for many reasons: “The Pletzer Resort was able to offer me a well thought-out overall concept. The 25-meter swimming pool in the hotel is perfect for training. As are the many opportunities for running and cycling in the Hohe Salve region,” reports Maja Betz. The Move & Relax philosophy of the Pletzer Resorts appealed to Maja Betz. The scientifically based combination of exercise, regeneration and healthy, vital nutrition convinced the triathlete across the board. Patrick Koller, the head of the Move area at the Pletzer Resorts and former Olympic skicross athlete and sports scientist, accompanied the triathlete through her training week.

One of the highlights of Maja Betz’s holiday was the trip to the Walchsee Aktivresort for ice swimming in the frozen Walchsee. “It was a new, inspiring experience. Under the guidance of Patrick Koller, I was able to learn breathing techniques and many interesting aspects that turned ice swimming into an energy boost.” says the sportswoman

Athletes will find everything they need for effective training at the Pletzer Resorts. Triathletes and other (endurance) athletes benefit from countless running and racing bike trails that lead right outside the front door into the diverse natural surroundings. The surroundings of the Pletzer Resorts prove to be a varied training terrain: trail running over hill and dale, a mountain bike tour in the mountains or cross-country skiing in winter provides the perfect full-body workout. There are also great opportunities for swim training: The Pletzer Resorts, more than almost any other hotel, have a 25-meter swimming pool where you can train and hone your swimming technique even in winter. Experienced coaches are also on hand to provide support if required. The crystal-clear Walchsee also offers natural training conditions in cold water.

The Pletzer Resorts have made a name for themselves in the sports community thanks to their unique Move & Relax philosophy. This was developed with the Austrian Olympic ski jumping champion Toni Innauer and the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Innsbruck. In the Move area, athletes train with modern, functional fitness equipment. The professional sports scientists and coaches at the Pletzer Resorts demonstrate great expertise and are on hand to advise and support athletes during their training holidays – for example with a performance check in the form of a bioelectrical impedance analysis or spiroergometry. Because regeneration is crucial for training success in top-class sports, the relaxation area at the Pletzer Resorts specialises in high-quality massages, treatments and relaxation offers. Every aspect of efficient training holidays is considered at the Pletzer Resorts. Balanced “energy cuisine” complements the training with a balanced diet of regional food. The specially compiled dishes are created by highly trained and experienced chefs and help athletes perform at their best. Maja Betz gives the Pletzer Resorts a good testimonial. “I can only recommend the Hohe Salve Sportresort and the Walchsee Aktivresort both to fellow sports enthusiasts and people with an affinity for exercise. This is a real sports destination that leaves nothing to be desired. And apart from the good training conditions, the warmth of the resort team, from the coaches to the housekeeping, is a real pleasure.” says the successful triathlete.