Worth seeing – The Barkley Marathon has started and it’s brutal

Triathlon is, of course, the greatest sport there is, but at the same time we can also enjoy related sports immensely. Yesterday we read an article on Triathlon Today, about the Barkley Marathon, which started yesterday. This run is known as the most brutal ultra run in the world. In the past seven years, no one made it to the finish line and in the past 35 years, only 15 athletes crossed the finish line.

This is not surprising; participants run 160 kilometers divided into five rounds of 32 kilometers. For each lap, you have 12 hours to complete the distance; if you don’t make that cutoff, you are eliminated from the race. The Barkley Marathon takes place annually at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee, USA, and the course is extremely inhospitable, including a countless amount of elevation gain. In addition, participants must navigate on their own – day and night – and the course is not marked. Participants pay a symbolic amount of $1 to participate. Every year that a participant reaches the finish line – which happend seven years ago for the last time – the Barkley Marathon is made even harder.

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