Why indoor cycling benefits and why you should consider it!

A story by TRI247 and a very good reason to start thinking about training on ROUVY! 

If you’ve been put off indoor cycling by the idea of churning out miles in a cold draughty garage while staring at a wall, maybe it’s time for a rethink.

Indoor cycling can be daunting at first but its many benefits make for a highly efficient addition to most fitness regimes, whether you’re just getting started or you want to train like the pros.

Learning anything new as an adult takes a bit of time and effort. So coming at it with an open mind and asking yourself a few questions before you decide how to cycle indoors will put you in a much better position to get going. Finding the best workouts for you, comparing set ups like Zwift v Rouvy and seeking out targeted advice like indoor cycling tips for women can also boost beginner confidence.

5 benefits of cycling indoors

Here are 5 big benefits of indoor bike training, with advice from indoor cycling aficionados:

Efficiency and convenience

Indoor cycling is efficient and convenient – but that needn’t mean boring. Busy lives mean big gains in terms of time and cardiovascular fitness when your set up is right at home. Whether you’re looking to mimic the vibe of your regular gym spin class or the weather is grim, an indoor set up will minimise prep time sorting out a bike or route- and maximise workout time.

You’ll also see big improvements in a relatively short time compared with riding outside.

It’s seriously social…really

If you’re used to the community vibe of the gym, training at home on your own can be quite hard to get your head around. But virtual cycling apps and training platforms have brought a new social, community element to indoor cycling. The gamification of various apps has brought indoor training to life.

Many platforms offer guided workouts, according to how much time you’ve got to spare. You simply turn up and are guided through step by step. It gives you all the motivation of having an instructor-led class, with the convenience of being able to jump on the bike and workout from home.

If it’s the camaraderie of the gym you’re worried about missing, some indoor cycling apps offer group rides and workouts with an in-app chat function so riders can encourage each other. With e-racing growing in popularity, you’ll also find plenty of virtual teams you can join – with many communicating with each other via apps such as Discord during group rides or races so you get that community feel.

Beat the weather and boost your brain

It’s easy to plateau in the gym or lose your mojo to cycle outside as the seasons change. Indoor cycling offers a new challenge in relative comfort, not to mention the safety benefits of swerving darker evenings, bad weather and the traffic, potholes and red lights of the real world.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new is a cornerstone to ageing well and a change in your fitness routine could be as good for your brain as much as your body.

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