Why Challenge Taiwan is “The best triathlon event in Asia”

Each year the popularity is sky-rocketing which made CHALLENGETAIWAN become the best triathlon event in Asia.

CHALLENGETAIWAN has been held for 7 consecutive years and attracted more than 13,000 people. The race is still improving its quality year after year, and for 2020 over 5,100 participants have already signed up – and the number is still growing.


Discover Taitung, the hometown of the sun

Taitung is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, which nurtures abundant natural resources and produce. Quality rice grows in this great natural environment, which also produces tea, daylilies, sugar apples, smoked skipjack tunas and marlins. These pure, natural and delicious specialties are the humble pride of Taitung. No matter day or night, participates can enjoy the extraordinary scenery during the race.


We DO care about the atmosphere of the race

CHALLENGETAIWAN is a race which brings good vibes to each participate. Not only for Pros, there are different groups for most of the ages, like age 3 to 80 which provides a festive and friendly atmosphere to everyone.


Not just for adults, CHALLENGETAIWAN is also welcoming kids

Triathlon is becoming a trend nowadays, most of the parents want to bring their children and let them race in a safe environment. Over 800 kids joined the Junior Group for their first race in 2017 and 2018. CHALLENGETAIWAN proves: triathlon can be fun and safe, not only just for adults.


Quality and Quantity

We are proud to be able to achieve the biggest number of participants in a triathlon race in Asia. At the same time, we will keep improving our race quality. Hope we will see you in 2020.


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