Why Challenge Peguera-Mallorca is a nice addition to your triathlon calendar

Challenge Peguera-Mallorca – awarded as Challenge Family race of the Year – is scheduled for Oct. 14, 2023, making it a great race to end your European racing season. Next week – on June 15 to be exact – the entry fee goes up. So, registering in the next few days pays off. Let’s see why this race is worth considering!

Sun, beach, island vibes, and Spanish tapas: what else do you wish for a Middle Distance race? We summed up a few reasons as to why Challenge Peguera-Mallorca is a perfect addition to your race calendar. On Oct. 15 2022 athletes will be toeing the line again at the white-sand beaches around Peguera bay for this beautiful event.

Mallorca – Spain’s largest Balearic island – is known as a sunny destination, as the island is covered in sun for around 300 days every year. That means there is a great chance for you to race a sunny edition of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca. And if you’re out there anyway, you might as well combine racing with a beautiful (family) holiday.

Challenge Peguera-Mallorca is not an easy race, nor does it qualify as an extreme event. However, the bike course will definitely challenge you with some nice climbs.

The day starts with a 1900-meter swim in the bay of Peguera. Athletes will head to Torà Beach Arena before they return and complete the one-lap course. Only 140 meters from the shore, you will find your bike in T1, which is also T2.

Versatile bike course

The 90K bike course is known for its beautiful views along the course and the countryside roads. Make sure to take it all in when you can, because often you will be working so hard that you have no time left for that. The course has quite some tough climbs and technical descents. Fortunately, it’s not all up and down, because there are also flat sections where you can get down in your aero bars and make speed.

Athletes will complete the bike course in two laps, passing some popular holiday destinations, beaches, and beautiful nature at Serra de la Tramuntana; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every lap counts around 500 meters elevation.

The bike course will start in Peguera, lead through Es Capdellà – an ancient city –, a descent through Son Pillo, past Calvià, El Toro, Santa Ponca and along the coast back to Peguera.

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Enthusiastic crowd

After the bike part, an enthusiastic crowd will welcome you back into town. The four laps cross through the old city center, where you will be running along a busy boulevard: the Maritime Boardwalk.

Beautiful training location

It’s not only fun to go to Mallorca for this race, the island is also seen as a training hot spot. The hilly, but also flat courses, and the possibility to swim in the sea, make Mallorca popular among triathletes. That means you will have enough to do in the days before and after your race.

Bring your family along

Not only for training and racing, Mallorca is great: it’s also one of the most popular holiday destination within Europe, so bringing your family or friends along for a nice trip is a great idea. Mallorca is packed with beautiful resorts and there is much to do. Enjoy a dinner in town, eat some ice cream at the beach, visit some charming bays or entertain your kids in the pool. Mallorca is a pleasant spot for a training-holiday combination.