Welcome Challenge Cesenatico!

Triathlon has found a new home on Italy’s Riviera Romagnola with the announcement of Challenge Cesenatico on 11-12 May 2024. The new middle distance race will make the most of the region’s many attractions with athletes swimming in the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea, bike along scenic roads and run along the waterfront while enjoying the famous hospitality of Romagna and the excellent food and wine products of the area.

The race is supported by the Municipal Administration and Challenge Italy S.S.D. a R.L. who, with the support of ASD Triathlon Duathlon Rimini, have made a multi-year commitment to bring back international triathlon to the area with a completely new course. The 1.9km swim will start from the Cesenatico beach. This is followed by the 90km bike, that will include a long flat section in the initial and final parts of the course with a central section that will wind for more than 40km through the hills making the route quite challenging, but scenic, due to the 900m of elevation gain. In contrast, the 21km run along on the Cesenatico waterfront is completely flat and will be packed with spectators, before finishing in Cesenatico’s Parco di Levante.

“We have been working for months – together with the DMO – to bring this event to Cesenatico, and we believe it can be the best way to open the 2024 season with a bang. Behind this choice there is a strong desire to further internationalise a destination like Cesenatico that is now recognised, and not only at a national level, for its focus on outdoor tourism and major sporting events,” said  Matteo Gozzoli, Mayor of Cesenatico.

Alessandro Alessandri, Challenge Cesenatico race director said, “We are very happy to have the opportunity to return with a new Challenge Family event, thanks to the Municipality of Cesenatico which believes Challenge Cesenatico is a great opportunity to take the name of the city around the world.

“Challenge Cesenatico will build on our proven experience with an international race with a beautiful course that offers the opportunity to cross our region’s most iconic landscape with a bike course that will see the athletes start from Cesenatico and then go through the neighbouring regions of Cesena, Montiano, Roncofreddo, Longiano, Gambettola and Gatteo.”

Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam, said he was delighted to return to the region after Challenge Riccione was no longer able to take place due course permissions. “There is always a silver lining in every cloud. We have moved just a few kilometres up the coast and in doing so have secured an even more memorable location for our athletes,” he said. “Cesenatico is a town that embraces sport wholeheartedly and we are looking forward to working with our local team and the municipality to set a new benchmark for triathlon in the region.”

Challenge Cesenatico will take place on 11-12 May 2024. For further information and registrations, visit