Wahoo launches two new products: Kickr Rollr and Powerlink Zero

Great news for triathletes: our Global Partner Wahoo has some huge news this week and launched not one, but two brand new products. The most important product – at least as far as we’re concerned – is the Kickr Rollr, an all-new smart trainer on which you can complete your indoor workouts perfectly.

According to Wahoo, ‘the trainer has a two-roller design and an impressive set of features that makes it an attractive indoor training option for those who want to combine the convenience and natural feel of rollers with the benefits of controlled resistance and connectivity’.

What’s ideal about the Kickr Rollr is the adjustable wheel base clamp. This allows you to very easily and quickly mount and dismount bikes, regardless of frame and tyre size. For triathletes, this is a more than useful feature, especially when you want to quickly switch between indoor and outdoor cycling (or vice versa, of course). Do you want to use the same trainer with several people? With the Kickr Rollr, it’s a piece of cake. Interesting fact: during the World Championships cycling in 2021, the Kickr Rollr could already be seen by pro cyclists using the trainer to warm up. At that time, however, it was not yet known that this was a Kickr Rollr.

A second product launched by Wahoo this week is the Speedplay Powrlink Zero power meter. The Powrlink Zero is based on the Speedplay pedal system for road cycling and is available in both single sided (250 grams) and double sided versions (276 grams).

The Kickr Rollr has a recommended retail price of 799.99 euros. In combination with the Speedplay Powrlink Zero-sided powermeter, the recommended retail price is 1399.99 euros. On its own, the powermeter is 649.99 euros (single-sided) or 999.99 euros (double-sided), respectively.