Virtual Challenge Family’s Month of Iconic Races to Pre-Ride on ROUVY

Challenge Family and ROUVY announce a month full of Challenge Family virtual races in various iconic locations. Roth, Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee, St Polten, Wales and Gunsan-Saemangeum  are all available as prep-rides for the official races. Those athletes, racing outdoors, have a great opportunity to train for their bike leg in advance, while the rest of the international tri-loving community can experience the iconic events just from home, with a chance to meet the pro stars online.

The Challenge Family is striving to provide triathletes with a once-in-a-life-time race experience and the warmth of a supportive atmosphere, including relationships which go beyond the competition. So, an athlete of any level and ability would feel the same way as he would with a big supportive family. Irrespective of the outcome in the final race table, there will be a celebration of triathlon and the relationship between the sport and athletic community, at each of the race destinations, across the globe. True to its mission, “We Are Triathlon”, there is no race that is identical to another one.

Likewise, ROUVY is trying to make the relationship of the athletes with their training station as ‘great, fun and motivating’ as possible. Thousands of triathletes from around the world have found their virtual training home on ROUVY. Using the combo of real-life footage and mixed-reality tech, ROUVY provides an absolutely realistic and immersive environment to teleport oneself into the passion of the race and amidst exotic natural locations. That fitness joy comes without having to leave the comfort of home or buy flight tickets.

“DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep has become the representative trademark of the best-in-class races of  world sports and we are so happy to present access to it now, to everyone,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “It is amazing to see how easy and accessible it has become for any athlete, to join in and enjoy the same location too, on par with the top-level pros, like Patrick Lange or Anne Haug.”

Hand-in-hand, working together to produce the digital twin races with great quality and precision, Challenge Family and ROUVY announce the release of new augmented routes and the schedule of virtual events for June.

Virtual R​ace Schedule
June 2 | Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee | 40km
June 9 | DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep | 40km
June 16 | Challenge Family St Polten | 90km
June 23 | Challenge Geraardsbergen

The races are open to athletes of all abilities; the only requisites are a smart trainer and a screen device.

To register for the Challenge Family races, go to the ‘events’ section here (to find all ROUVY racing events, click here.)

Challenge in Non-Competitive Format
At the moment, Challenge Family provides 10+ locations across the continents in augmented reality on ROUVY for both individual and team exploration. Those preferring a less competitive format are welcome to check out and complete four routes in one month by the own schedule. Challenge Family is hosting a ROUVY Challenge which started today and will last through June 26th. Registration is here.