Triathlon and AI – How does it work?

Lance Watson, coach for the leading digital training platform, Humango, explains how AI can take your training to the next level.

Training for a triathlon demands focus, dedication, and smart planning. Leveraging AI in conjunction with wearable technologies has revolutionised the way athletes prepare for such demanding events. The benefits are manifold, catering to both individual athletes and coaches alike.

Firstly, the integration of wearable technologies allows for real-time monitoring and post-workout analysis of vital metrics such as heart rate, cadence, power, stride rate, pace and speed, along with other metrics such as sleep, heart rate variability and training metric trends. This data provides invaluable insights into an athlete’s performance, aiding in personalised training plans and enhancing overall efficiency.

The incorporation of a virtual coach further enhances this process. AI-driven coaching platforms analyze data collected from wearables to tailor training programs that are specific to each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This personalised approach maximises training effectiveness while minimising the risk of injury or burnout.

Periodisation, a cornerstone of effective training, is seamlessly integrated into AI-driven triathlon training platforms, creating a structured pathway to athletes’ most important goals. By strategically varying the intensity and volume of training over specific time periods, athletes optimize their performance while allowing for adequate recovery.

Automatic replanning based on completion and metrics ensures that training remains dynamic and adaptive. If an athlete falls behind schedule or experiences unexpected setbacks, the AI recalibrates the training plan in real-time, ensuring that progress continues steadily.

Moreover, athletes have the flexibility to set their own availability parameters and goals, empowering them to take control of their training schedules and tailor them to fit their individual lifestyles and commitments.

Humango stands out as an exemplary choice for both individual athletes and coaches due to its comprehensive suite of features and user-friendly interface. For athletes, it offers unparalleled customization and support, enabling them to reach their full potential. Coaches benefit from its robust analytics capabilities, allowing them to track and optimize the performance of multiple athletes simultaneously.

In essence, the marriage of AI, wearable technologies, and virtual coaching has transformed the landscape of triathlon training, making it more accessible, efficient, and tailored to the needs of each athlete. Humango epitomizes this evolution, offering a holistic solution that empowers athletes and coaches alike to achieve their goals.

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About Lance Watson:

Lance has been coaching triathlon for 35+ years, including multiple Olympic Games, triathlon’s first ever Gold Medal in Sydney 2000, and has led more that 20 professional long distance triathlon champions to winning well over 100 major triathlon events. He is a member of the Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame.

Lance is a coaching consultant and contributor to