This kid is going for a ‘run streak’ of over 52 years in world record attempt

He is only 11 years old, but dreams big. Scot Seb Jellema certainly does not lack ambition, as the young runner has set himself a huge goal: he wants to run for as many as 52 years and 39 days in a row. At least 1.6 kilometers every day, and if he succeeds in his world record attempt, Jellema will therefore not finish until – at the age of 62 – 2075.

There is no day that Jellema may skip, so not even in case of illness, injury or other unforeseen causes. After all, Jellema wants to be in the Guiness Book of World Records and, to achieve that, must better Ron Hill’s “running streak. Hill stopped running in 2017 at the age of 78, so he had been running every day for more than 52 years.

In any case, Jellema started at a younger age. “I started 16 years earlier, so I hope it is possible to improve the record,” Jellema informed the BBC. “I have a dream.”

Jellema made headlines in many countries because of his record attempt, so it will take decades to complete.