The Championship – Q&A With Defending Champion India Lee

1. At which race did you qualify for The Championship?
I qualified last year by winning the 2023 Championship race.
2. How did it feel winning The Championship in 2023?
It felt amazing. I’d had a tricky few years in the sport, and winning The Championship was a break through for me in 2023.
3. What are your key tips for the swim, bike and run courses?
Swim – the water can sometimes be very cold. So warm up well before getting in the water, then splash some water on your face when you first get in the water for the start.
Bike – remember it’s a long day out, so stay hydrated and well fuelled on the bike so you’re prepared to run well.
Run – use the variety of surfaces on the course to break up the distance. Use the aid stations to stay cool.
4. What would your training advice be for someone racing The Championship for the first time?
Practise the equipment you’ll use in the race. Wear your race suit for at least one training session to be sure it’s comfortable.
Practise the gels and nutrition strategy you’ll use in the race so you know you like it and that it agrees with you.
5. If you could share one piece of inside strategy about the course that you think helped you to victory, what would it be?
Don’t push too hard on the bike when the wind is behind you – it’s a waste of energy for not much speed.
6. What’s your typical pre-race breakfast?
Rice with maple syrup and sea salt.
7. What was your favourite thing about the race venue, the x-bionic sphere?
I love that everything is all in one place. The facilities at the hotel are amazing, so preparation before the race is easy. I like that transition is easy to get to and straight forward.
8. What do you usually do the day after a big race?
I prioritise recovery the day after a race – I’ll do this by eating well, doing some kind of movement like a 30 minute swim or jog. And I’ll travel home.
9. What gear did you use for the race:
Time Trial Bike: Specialized Shiv TT
Wheels: HED Vanquish Pr
Helmet: Specialized TT 5
Bottles: OTE 750ml
Bike Shoes: Specialized S-Works Torch laced
Clothing: Huub Custom Labs suit
Wetsuit: Huub
Running Shoes: ASICS Skye +
GPS Sports Watch: Wahoo Elemnt