The Championship postponed to August 16th: postponement is one filled with hope for better times’

Because of the coronavirus, CHALLENGEFAMILY has decided to postpone THECHAMPIONSHIP. Reasons to not organize this flagship event in May are (travel) restrictions in place, the impact on athlete’s preparations and a general concern on the health situation. “This hard decision have been made after extensive consultation with all parties involved”, said by CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Jort Vlam. “We still see opportunities to organise a race later this summer, at August 16th to be more precisely.”

While it’s due to the coronavirus still kind of uncertain if this postponement will be possible, CHALLENGEFAMILY is definitely aiming for it instead of cancelling this year’s edition of THECHAMPIONSHIP. “The postponement is one filled with hope for better times, but because the developments surrounding the coronavirus and therefore the measures imposed change almost daily, we will keep monitoring the situation and make a final decision latest on May 31st whether THECHAMPIONSHIP can continue or not. In our believes at that date we know more about the situation in August then we know now and there is still time to arrange travel and training. We guarantee that from our end we will do everything within our power to arrange this and work as hard as we can, but unfortunately we don’t have any control on the impact of the coronavirus”, Vlam explains.

It’s also Vlam who is emphasizing the importance of staying positive in these turbulent times, despite the fact it’s a pity to postpone THECHAMPIONSHIP. “Of course we understand that this decision will have a big impact on our athletes and that there will be a few uncertain weeks ahead. We’re very sorry about that and of course we would have liked things to be different. We know this is a very bitter message, but we remain positive towards the future and we have hope and confidence that we can organize THECHAMPIONSHIP on August 16th. Of course we also understand that this solution might not be suitable for all athletes. Still we can guarantee you that we have tried to find the best alternative for as much athletes as possible and we hope for everyone’s understanding.”