Stars set for “unofficial World Championship” at DATEV Challenge Roth

Some of the biggest names across the men’s and women’s fields are set to take part in DATEV Challenge Roth 2023 on June 25, in what has been dubbed an “unofficial World Championship” by Laura Philipp.

tri247 gathered some great quotes from the world’s best athletes, all of whom are looking forward to the race in Germany. Take Daniela Ryf, for example, who says the following: “I decided to start at Challenge Roth because I think it is the race with the best atmosphere. I have raced twice and have great memories of it.”

The young and eager Sam Laidlow, most likely one of the biggest favorites in the men’s race, commented as follows: “As we won’t be in Hawaii this year, I think it will be the main event of the season. It’s great to race with so many age groupers too. I want to win the race!”

Make sure to check the full article at TRI247. Earlier on our website you found the comments of title defenders Magnus Ditlev and Anne Haug, who are both returning to Roth this year.