Spectacular speeds at World Championship Ultraman

For triathletes who are always looking to go the extra mile, there are ultratriathlons. Challenging yourself sometimes almost endlessly in the water, on the bike and running. Last weekend the World Championship Ultraman took place, a great example of this.

Spread over three days 10 kilometers of swimming, 421 kilometers of cycling and 84 kilometers of running: that’s the Ultraman, and last weekend the World Championships took place on Hawaii. The race was won by Simon Cochrane, making the Kiwi the first person in the world to finish the exhaustive race under 21 hours.

In the Ultraman, athletes swim 10 kilometers on the first day and then bike 145 kilometers. On the second day, another 275 kilometers on the bike follows, and then on the concluding day there is a double marathon and thus 84 kilometers of running on the program.

Cochrane did it all amazingly fast: he swam 2:38:38, he biked 12:09:21 (averaging nearly 35 kilometers per hour, ed.) and ran the 84 kilometers in 6:09. Halfway through, he even passed under three hours in the first marathon. Overall, Coachrane needed 20:57:46 to finish. In doing so, he not only became the first man in the world to dive under 21 hours, he also pulverized the former record that stood at 21:41:22.

In total, only 23 athletes crossed the finish line of the Ultraman. Among the women, the win went to Canadian Amy Robitaille. She finished in a time of 25:55:15 and also placed second overall.