Spectacular Challenge Family World Bonus season ended with Pieter Heemeryck and Radka Kahlefeldt taking victory and $30k each!

After an amazing CHALLENGEFAMILY season with 25 races worldwide counting for the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus, it’s Belgian Pieter Heemeryck and Radka Kahlefeldt from Czech Republic who claim a spectacular and powerful win. Thanks to these World Bonus victories, both athletes earn themselves $30k.

The World Bonus pays $150k bonus deep across both top five men and women. For Pieter Heemeryck, his CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus victory is the result of a very successful season with many wins. With victories at CHALLENGEDAYTONA, CHALLENGESALOU, CHALLENGEGRANCANARIA, CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN, CHALLENGEDAVOS, CHALLENGEPEGUERA-MALLORCA and second places at THECHAMPIONSHIP and CHALLENGEPRAGUE, Heemeryck was by far the most successful athlete of this CHALLENGEFAMILY season. Thanks to his amazing results he ends up with 1650 points. Earlier this season he was very clear about his races already: “I’m just trying to give it my best every single race and of course a good ranking at the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus will follow then. It’s great to see that, thanks to this World Bonus, there is a nice battle between all the pros in the field to become the number one.”

Despite there were some important races left last weeks, it was already clear that Heemeryck was about to win the World Bonus. Behind him it’s Australian Steve McKenna who wins $20k, thanks to his 1300 points and therefore his second place in the rankings. This season McKenna claims victory at CHALLENGEGUNSAN, CHALLENGEVIETNAM and he became second at CHALLENGECHINA and CHALLENGECAPETOWN.

It’s Spanish Pablo Gonzalez Dapena who ends his season in almost the best possible way. Yesterday he became second at the iconic CHALLENGEDAYTONA, which earned him his last 200 points of the season. That made him pass Andreas Dreitz on a the last possible occasion, and puts him on the third place in the rankings. He wins $14k. ”I knew this was my last chance to change the rankings, so I really wanted to race here at Daytona International Speedway. It turned out to be a good one.”

As said Dreitz became fourth in the rankings (1050 points), earning himself $8k. Romain Guillaime became fifth with 950 points and therefore $3k.

Radka Kahlefeldt dominates women’s World Bonus
At the women’s CHALLENGEFAMILY  World Bonus Rankings it’s Radka Kahlefeldt who ends up her season with the same amount of points as men’s winner Heemeryck: 1650. She took wins at CHALLENGEASIA-PACIFIC, CHALLENGEWALCHSEE, CHALLENGEPRAGUE, CHALLENGEDAVOS, CHALLENGEPEGUERA-MALLORCA and became second at THECHAMPIONSHIP. It was one of her most successful seasons ever and now she celebrates this with the World Bonus victory and therefore $30k.

Lucy Charles and Daniela Bleymehl made it very exciting until the last race of the season: CHALLENGEDAYTONA. Before the race at Daytona, Florida started, it was Bleymehl that was in a second place with 1450 points, thanks to a second place in CHALLENGESALOU, third place at THECHAMPIONSHIP, wins at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and CHALLENGEHEILBRONN, and a third place at CHALLENGEROTH. Lucy Charles was only 200 points behind, after victories at THECHAMPIONSHIP and CHALLENGEROTH. This meant that she had to win at Daytona to claim second place in the rankings, become second to end up even with Bleymehl or became third or less at Daytona to end up behind Bleymehl in the rankings.

Eventually Charles didn’t take the win at Daytona: it was Canadian Paula Findlay who turned out to be the fastest after a nice battle with the British, who ended up second. In rankings this means both Bleymehl and Charles end on a shared second position, sharing the $20k (second) and $14k (third), so they take home $17k each.

Lisa Roberts ends her season with 1165 points, a fourth place and $8k. Emma Pallant got 1050 points, became fifth and earned $3k.

About CHALLENGEFAMILY’s World Bonus:

CHALLENGEFAMILY has introduced a pro athlete bonus scheme to its races. The initiative provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a USD 150,000 end-of-season bonus as well as a prize purse at the races.

The USD 150k bonus will pay five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pro taking home $30k, second will earn $20k and third will win $14k, fourth $8k and fifth $3k. Ranking will be decided through a points system based on placings earned.

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