Sebastian Kienle takes the lead in the Challenge Family World Bonus after his victory at CHALLENGEROTH

Sebastian Kienle takes the lead in the Challenge Family World Bonus after his victory at CHALLENGEROTH

Yvonne van Vlerken still at the top

 It was an amazing weekend for Sebastian Kienle. The German triathlete took the win at CHALLENGEROTHand earned enough points to take the lead in the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus. In the women’s standings, it’s Yvonne van Vlerken still at the top, but it was Daniela Sämmler who took the win in Roth.

As always,CHALLENGEROTHwas an exciting race. German athletes primarily dominated the men’s race with Sebastian Kienle first to cross the finishline (500 points) and Andreas Dreitz coming close behind in second place (400 points). Jesse Thomas from the USA was the third man on the podium and earned 300 points.

Thanks to his result in Roth, Sebastian Kienle has now taken the lead in the Challenge Family World Bonus. After his victory at CHALLENGEHEILBRONN (250 points) and second place at The Championship (300 points), he currently has 1050 points in total. He’s overtaken Dylan McNeice (1000 points) and Pablo Gonzales Dapena (900 points), who both chose not to compete in Roth at the weekend.

You can check the full male standings here:

Despite Daniela Sämmler’s win in Roth, Van Vlerken holds her postion at the top of the women’s rankings

The women’s race at CHALLENGEROTHwas a real close one. Lucy Charles was in the lead for almost the whole race, but it was Daniela Sämmler who caught up at the end of the run and and claimed victory (500 points) in Roth. Lucy Charles finished just 9 seconds behind her and came second (400 points). After a very strong race, Kaisa Sali crossed the finishline in third place (300 points).

Despite the results at the weekend, Yvonne van Vlerken is still at the top of the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus. She finished CHALLENGEROTH in fifth place, her fifteenth sub 9-hour race, and earned 150 points with this result. Van Vlerken now has 925 points in total. She earned points atCHALLENGEROMA, CHALLENGEGRANCANARIA, CHALLENGERICCIONEandCHALLENGEHEILBRONN earlier this season.

Lucy Charles’ second place at CHALLENGEROTHhas moved her up to second place in the rankings with a current total of 775 points. Daniela Sämmler has progressed to third place and now has 750 points in total.

You can check the full female standings here:



The next opportunity to earn points will be at CHALLENGESANGIL. This race takes place in Mexico on the 8th July 2018. The $165kend-of-season bonus will pay five deep across both male and female with the top ranked Pro taking home $30k. Second place will carry a bonus of $20k, third, fourth and fifth positions will pay $15k, $12k and $5k accordingly. Ranking will be decided through a fair points system based on placings earned. This system is explained fully here:

In the event of a tie, the prize money will be averaged between the two athletes and corresponding places.