Review ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Full Zip Aero Suit

Over the past few weeks we have been training and racing frequently in the ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Full Zip Aero Suit – at this moment with a nice discount available in the Challenge Family Webshop – and in this review our findings.

A good trisuit is important for any athlete; regardless of level, it is nice to have a trisuit that is not only aerodynamic, but also comfortable. To directly give you the important answer: the ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Full Zip Aero Suit is both. This trisuit has a perfect fit and fits tightly and seamlessly around the entire body. That this trisuit fits very tight does not mean that you have no – or too little – freedom of movement; like a second skin, the trisuit fits around your body and both in the water, on the bike and while running, you feel free to make any movement you want.

Very nice about this trisuit is that the zipper is located at the front of the suit and can open all the way from top to bottom. The top of the trisuit is like an extra layer over the bottom – i.e. pants – so you are able to detach the top completely, while your pants remain in place. This is ideal in particularly hot conditions and if you are looking for a way to cool down as well and as quickly as possible. In no time you have the top of the trisuit off and back on.

What strikes us is how quickly the ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Full Zip Aero Suit dries up; under normal weather conditions, you’ll be completely dry after just a few minutes. This is ideal because it not only prevents your muscles from potentially cooling down too much, but also prevents any chafing if you’re exercising anywhere from nine to 15 hours. The temperature is excellently regulated by this trisuit anyway; on hot days it cools you down slightly, while on colder days it provides a little extra warmth.

Two things we are not that happy about – though negligible – we also want to mention. First, the fabric is so water-repellent that you should actually wash your trisuit two or three times before using it. If you don’t, you will find that your sweat is not drained as well and that there are really accumulations of moisture in certain areas of the trisuit. As mentioned above; make sure to wash your trisuit two or three times and this problem is solved.

On the back of the trisuit you’ll find pockets in which you can put your nutrition such as gels. These pockets are perfect for that. They are compact and tight, keeping the trisuit very aerodynamic. At the same time, these pockets are actually too small for a – larger model – phone. It all just fits, but it c be a puzzle to fit everything in. During a race this is of course not a problem, because you don’t take your phone with you anyway, but during a training session it can be a bit of a hindrance.

In the end, we are more than satisfied with the ZONE3 Lava Long Distance Full Zip Aero Suit. This trisuit is aerodynamic and comfortable, fits perfectly, even after long days of sports performance, and also has a stylish, distinctive design.

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