Registrations for CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP 2020 are open. ”This race is like a second home!”

After the amazing success of this year’s CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP less than a month ago, with 1500 participating age groupers and professional winners Sebastian Kienle and Lucy Charles, CHALLENGEFAMILY is already looking forward to next year’s edition, which will be held on 31st May 2020 and for which registrations have immediately opened.

For many pros, THECHAMPIONSHIP is a race they don’t want to miss. Lucy Charles, who has won the race for three times in a row: “This is one of my most favourite races of the year with an amazing crowd and an amazing venue. It’s even like a second home for me”, she said after her victory.

Sebastian Kienle, this year’s male winner, calls THECHAMPIONSHIP an unforgettable event. “To only talk about this race, makes me smile. I’ve been doing triathlons on the highest level for a very long time, but this is one of the races where everything is perfectly arranged. It’s always nice to come here.”

With around 1500 athletes and 60 different nationalities at the start of this year’s edition, CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP was a success like never before. “It’s amazing to see all these people from all over the world”, said Challenge Family CEO Zibi Szlufcik. “Since most of them are staying in the beautiful X-bionic Sphere during the race weekend, there is some sort of triathlon vibe everywhere. This brings people together, enjoying our sport, enjoying our event, enjoying our passion.”

Registration for CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP 2020’s edition is open. The swim will be a 1900m lap in the Danube, the 90km bike course will take athletes through the amazing surroundings of Samorin in Slovakia and the run is a spectacular 7km loop though the X-bionic Sphere venue. “So, if you qualify for this race and you have the chance to come over, please make sure you’re part of this flagship event”, said Szlufcik.

Not sure how to qualify for THECHAMPIONSHIP? You can read all about it here: