Pieter Heemeryck: I expect a great battle

Belgian triathlete Pieter Heemeryck returns to Prague after a year. The winner of the premiere edition of the largest triathlon race in the Czech Republic FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE and the charge of Czech coach Luboš Bílek wants to fight again for the best result in the heart of the metropolis. “I am ready to defend the title,” says Heemeryck.

The 28-year-old Belgian has only nice memories for the last year’s FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE. “It was my first victory in that season. In addition, my son Quinn celebrated six months that day, so it was really special day for me that I will always remember,” admits Heemeryck.

He praises the condition and atmosphere of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE which belongs to the worldwide CHALLENGEFAMILY series. “The race is perfectly organized and everything happens in the centre of the city which makes it so unique. Prague is so beautiful and there are so many interesting places to visit that I am definitely looking forward to be back.”

Heemeryck also adds that fans have a great share in the success of all participants. “There are so many spectators that you only can give your best!”

Pieter Hemeeryck will have a strong competition at the start – the participation was confirmed by world’s number one Javier Gómez, Pablo Dapena and Maurice Clavel. “I think it will be a great battle. There are lot of factors that can influence the result. Last year it was the heat that made the race very hard. I’m not so good in hot condition so I hope this edition will be a little less warm,” encloses Belgian triathlete.

There are eight days left until the start of the second edition of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE. The race starts on Saturday, July 28.