Our guide to master your bike!

Last week we shared a starter guide in which we aimed to provide triathletes with an introduction and some useful insights into the world of triathlon, and a starter guide in which we aimed to help you master your swim. Now it’s time to master your bike!

In triathlon, you typically spend most of the race on your bike. Relatively, you will be cycling longer than you swim and run. After you’ve exited the water, you usually feel a rush of energy and adrenaline going through your body, even more so if you hop on your bike amidst a big and enthusiastic crowd. What awaits you is a long ride. Long roads, maybe some hills, and overall just a tough mental challenge. It’s the discipline where you can win and lose most time. Nearly everyone knows how to ride a bike, but in triathlon it’s important that you’re efficient, and – of course – you should be having fun out there. In this starter guide, we focus on the bike part. We share all ins and outs about this second triathlon discipline. What kind of bikes are there? What gear do you need? What are you allowed to do and what not? What are watts and which stationary trainer is handy to complete your indoor rides on? How about the rules in the transition area? In short: everything you need to know to turn the bike part into a big success

Download our bike guide for new triathletes here – it’s totally free!