Our guide to kickstart your triathlon career!

Triathlon has been a popular sport for decades, but it’s still massively gaining popularity. It’s even proven to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world. There are many races around the world, and as a participant you get to choose from a variety of distances and formats. In most cases you will swim, then bike, and finally run, but not only the distances of each discipline vary, also the order can be different in some occasions. And in some events, one of the disciplines might even be replaced with another sport, as for instance with duathlon, winter triathlon and/or cross triathlon. New triathletes can feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes their way as they first enter this magical world of triathlon. Because we like the beginner athletes to feel just as excited about the sport as the millions of other triathletes around the world, we created a starter guide. In it, you will find all the information you need to understand the sport. It’s the information that you need to light that triathlon fire in your heart and to never lose sight of the magic of triathlon. What’s good to know is the guide you’re looking at right now – at least if you download it by downloading it via the link below  provides you with a general introduction into the world of triathlon. We talk about the history of the sport, about federations and clubs, training, gear, races, distances, we share some practical tips, dive into the rules, distances and even added a checklist of things you’ll need for a race.

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