Maximize your Potential: The Quintana Roo Triathlon Experience

We all want to perform to our potential—and beyond. It’s that quest that serves as Quintana Roo’s central mission: to help every triathlete to perform at their best.

Longtime triathletes may be familiar with the Quintana Roo name. Born in 1987, Quintana Roo has the honor of inventing the very first swimming-specific triathlon wetsuit. Later that year, QR brought about the advent of the triathlon-specific bicycle, with a steep seat angle designed for greater efficiency and optimized muscle recruitment, allowing opportunity for those early triathletes to achieve a better run.

My, how the times have changed.

While materials, and technology have come a long, long way, one thing has remained a constant: a steadfast commitment to helping every triathlete on every start line maximize their potential.

Today, Quintana Roo leads triathlon—full stop. They’ve developed the most technologically-advanced triathlon bikes, highlighted by their recently launched flagship model, the V-PRi, featuring every advantage you can conceive, from aero supremacy to frame-integrated FuelBay hydration and nutrition storage. There’s simply no faster bike in multisport.

They also bring to triathletes models like the V-PR and X-PR—a collection of world-class proven race-winning tri bikes with practical benefit to triathletes of all levels, and of all budgets. Whether a first-time triathlete or a years-long veteran with podium wins, Quintana Roo has a perfect ride to help every achieve to their potential.

They supplement our triathlon bike range with our SRseries aero road bikes, providing year-round training (and even in-season racing) on a bike with the weight savings, sharp handling and aero advantage you demand in a high-performance road machine.

Their bikes draw all the attention, but Quintana Roo wetsuits are truly our foundation.

Decades since their first wetsuit was created Quintana Roo wetsuits maintain esteemed  status as world-beaters as well. With a groundbreaking unisex fit system featured in the HYDROsix2 and HYDROfive2 that ensures the best fit for any body type, Quintana Roo wetsuits routinely come out of the water first with pros and age groupers alike at races around the world.

With the best materials, minimized seam use for maximal flexibility, the most advanced fit and cutting-edge design, Quintana Roo wetsuits are your secret weapon to your fastest swim yet.

And of course, they bring the best to you, direct to you. Assemble and order your QR direct from them online, bypass the retail markup, as they ship your new bike and wetsuit right to your door, ready to ride. And they’re always there to answer every question. From wetsuit care to selecting the right components, Quintana Roo’s team of experts are on call in Europe and America to make the process of making your bike and wetsuit purchase easier than ever.