Mathis Margirier looks back on winning the Challenge Family World Bonus: ‘I gave everything I had for the last race’

Frenchman, Mathis Margirier, won this year’s Challenge Family World Bonus, and along with it, a 25,000US dollar bonus. After a wonderful season (read more here) we spoke to him at length and looked back on a great year full of wins and top performances.

How did you find racing the Challenge Family events throughout the year?

On each event the Challenge Family team was really friendly, which really helped me a lot to be more relaxed before the race, so it was a big pleasure to race all the events.

Which Challenge Family races did you do in 2023 and what were the results at each of the events?

I did five races: I finished second at Anfi Challenge Mogan-Gran Canaria, then first at The Championship, first at Challenge Salou, I finished second at Challenge Peguera-Mallorca and first at Challenge Vieux Boucau.

This might be a tricky one, but what was your favorite race of the year and why?

My favorite race was The Championship, because it was my first professional victory. But also because since my injury (only a month before the race) a lot of people, or better to say, my entire team, worked so hard to get me ready for The Championship. At the end we succeeded, so that was a very great moment.

Which race left the most memorable impression?

My most memorable race for sure was Challenge Vieux Boucau. Everyone was there, including my teammates, my coach and my family. After an amazing season this was my last race to finish it off. But, my body was really tired and the weather was pretty bad with lots of wind and rain, so I’m proud because I managed to stay focused and kept believing In myself. I won the race after a very close sprint finish. I gave everything I had for that last race and after the race I was sick for ten days. Because the season was over at that point, it was perfect after all.

Looking ahead to next season 2024, what races do you hope to get back to next year or are there any new events you want to try?

Next year I definitely hope to come back at The Championship, because the race venue is really special over there.

What does it mean for you to win the Challenge Family World Bonus 2023?

This is my reward for my consistency throughout the year and to be honest the World Bonus will help me a lot to organise my 2024 season, so thank you to the Challenge Family.

Mathis Margirier wins The Championship