Listen to: Kristian Blummenfelt about open mindset, mental flexibility and success and failure

“In a world championship everyone is in their best shape, but they’re also trying to maximise your weaknesses.” In June 2022 Norway’s Kristian Blummenfelt crushed a Long Distance triathlon in under seven hours. No one on the planet has ever completed the swim, bike and run event quicker. During his appearance on Mind Set Win – a podcast by Red Bull – we uncover how developing and maintaining an open mindset has helped Bummenfelt dominate his sport. In the episode hosted by Kate Courtney it’s also revealed what we can all learn from Kristian’s mental flexibility and how he’s able to respond and adjust in the face of both success and failure. Kate offers an exercise based around setting flexible goals which allow for more than one outcome, and explains how it’s a tool that can be applicable in all areas of our lives.

Make sure to listen to this interesting podcast! The episode with Blummenfelt can be found here!