Lisa Roberts joins the top three and Pieter Heemeryck moves up to sixth place in the Challenge Family World Bonus

Lisa Roberts joins the top three and Pieter Heemeryck moves up to sixth place in the Challenge Family World Bonus

They may not have taken the win at CHALLENGEDAVOS, but Pieter Heemeryck and Lisa Roberts’ results in Switzerland have increased their positions in the Challenge Family World Bonus. Heemeryck came second and added 200 points to his total and is currently in sixth place with 790 points. Roberts came fourth at CHALLENGEDAVOS, added another 100 points to her total and has moved from 7th place to 3rd place with 800 points.

In the men’s ranking there’s been no change to the top five in the Challenge Family World Bonus. It’s still Sebastian Kienle in the lead (1550 points), closely followed by Pablo Gonzalez Dapena (1300 points), Jaroslav Kovacic (1250 points), Cameron Wurf (1200 points) and Dylan McNeice (1000 points).

It was Sven Riederer who took the win at CHALLENGEDAVOSand earned a further 250 points. He now has 475 points in total and is currently in 8th position in the ranking. Heemeryck came second at CHALLENGEDAVOSand collected a further 200 points. He now has a total of 790 points and has moved up to sixth place in the ranking. Marcello Ugazio came third in Davos and collected his first 150 points of this season. He is now in 31st position.

You can check the full male standings here:

Female rankings

As already mentioned, Lisa Roberts has worked her way up to the top three of the women’s Challenge Family World Bonus. She came fourth at CHALLENGEDAVOSand took home 100 points bringing her total to 800. She overtook Daniela Sämmler (750 points), Lucy Charles (775 points) and Katrien Verstuyft (780 points).

Yvonne van Vlerken is still strong in the lead thanks to her 1500 points. Laura Siddall (950 points) is still in second place, but there is a big gap between her and Van Vlerken, who now seems quite comfortable in taking the end-of-season bonus. Roberts was the only one of the top 10 women that chose to race at CHALLENGEDAVOS.

Lena Berlinger dictated the CHALLENGEDAVOS raceand was first to cross the finish line. She earned her first 250 points of the season and entered the women’s ranking in 22nd position. Martina Kunz came second and also earned her first 200 points of the season. She now shares 29th place. Similarly, Anine Hell also earned her first points of the season (150) by crossing the finish line in third place. She currently shares 38th place.

You can check the full female standings here:


The next opportunity to earn points is at CHALLENGEMADRID. This race takes place in Spain on the 23rd September 2018. The $165kend-of-season bonus will pay five deep across both male and female with the top ranked Pro taking home $30k. Second place will carry a bonus of $20k, third, fourth and fifth positions will pay $15k, $12k and $5k accordingly. Ranking will be decided through a fair points system based on placings earned. This system is explained fully here:

In the event of a tie, the prize money will be averaged between the two athletes and corresponding places