CHALLENGEFAMILY, the world’s leading global triathlon festival race series
and the fastest growing mass endurance triathlon brand, announced today a strategic partnership with Olympus, a visionary new community development that uniquely fuses sport, entertainment, fitness, health and more.

The parties made the announcement following the passage and adoption, by unanimous vote of the Planning and Zoning Board of the City of Clermont, of Olympus’s ordinance into the City’s Code of Ordinances. The announcement also follows the inaugural CHALLENGEDAYTONA weekend at the iconic Daytona International Speedway, where over 1,500 athletes competed in a variety of race experiences, including Sprint Distance, Junior Challenge, and 5K/10K events, as well as Middle Distance professional and amateur events.

As part of the multi-year strategic partnership, the parties will jointly plan and organize CHALLENGEFAMILY triathlon events and training camps, to be held on and around the Olympus campus. Coming to Greater Orlando in 2020, Olympus is a 250-acre master planned community, featuring the Epic Sports Resort, a global hub for amateur, collegiate and elite training and competition, sports medicine, and the future of health and wellness.

CHALLENGEFAMILY stands for amazing races all over the world. That’s why we decided to partner with the visionary team at Olympus and the exciting platform they represent for our athletes and our brand,” said Zibi Szlufcik, Chief Executive Officer of CHALLENGEFAMILY.

“We are honored to join forces with Zibi and his team. We see their passion for staging ‘events for everyone,’ and we share a commitment to delivering excitement, value and vitality,” said Michael Carroll, Founder of Olympus Sports and Entertainment Group. “At Olympus,” Carroll continued, “we are planning things today, from the physical layout of the campus to the digital infrastructure, that will enhance the training and competition experience both for CHALLENGEFAMILY athletes and for fans.” “We look forward to becoming CHALLENGEFAMILY’s ‘North American home’ in the years to come,” Carroll added.

“The City of Clermont is thrilled about the announcement of CHALLENGEFAMILY’s partnership with Olympus,” Clermont City Manager Darren Gray said. “As the Choice of Champions, Clermont is no stranger to triathlons. We’ve been hosting triathlons for over 30 years, and we’re so excited that Olympus is partnering with a world leader in triathlon races to bring even more champion athletes to Clermont.”

Lake County Commissioner Sean Parks said: “We are thrilled and so very proud to welcome Olympus to Wellness Way. Olympus is illuminating the future of responsible development, and helping us to diversify our economy, protect natural resources and strengthen connectivity with other economic hubs in the region and beyond. This is truly a momentous occasion, and we are honored to host everything that Olympus has to offer.”

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Based in Amberg, Germany, CHALLENGEFAMILY is the leading global triathlon festival race series. With over 40 races annually across 26 host countries, CHALLENGEFAMILY is the fastest growing mass endurance triathlon brand in the world. CHALLENGEFAMILY offers “events for everyone” with a “festival character,” so that everyone can share in the triathlon experience, from professionals to age-groupers.

 About Olympus

Olympus was created by Olympus Sports & Entertainment Group, a private development organization, whose unique vision is estimated to produce over $1 billion in economic impact and over 5,000 jobs for Greater Orlando at buildout.

Guided by a brand promise of “Epic Everyday,” the sustainably designed Olympus Master Plan features innovative development zones of excellence devoted to Sports Training and Competition, Sports Medicine and Performance, Health and Wellness, Entertainment and Hospitality, Business Innovation and Growth.