Keeping Your Gear Dry, Whatever the Weather!

There is nothing more wonderful than exercising outdoors. And weather conditions—from the sun shining on you to the wind blowing against you—, make each outing a unique experience. As an athlete, you know rain is also part of the game. But how nice is it when, at the transition or after your race or training, you pull your gear out of your bag, and it’s perfectly dry? “In the past I sometimes ended up with a wet change of clothes. With the Versatile, those days are over!”

The last thing you want is having to deal with a heavy downpour during your swim. The picture of soggy gear marinating in your bag flashes through your mind, and your focus on performance goes down the drain. Another equally annoying scenario: you’re on your way to training when you see those dark ominous clouds getting closer and closer. The rain catches up on you, and you already know that all your gear will be completely soaked before you arrive at your swim or run practice.

Wearing wet gear is not only not great for your preparation, but it is also a perfect recipe to catch a cold! Another story that may ring a bell: you leave your bag on the side of the track at training, and your bag and all of its content get caught in the downpour. Athletes Niek Heldoorn, Koen de Leeuw, Twan Berlijn and Eddy Lamers know they can count on Cadomotus’ Versatile 2.0 in all circumstances.

“I have to go to the running track in Amsterdam,” says Premier League athlete Twan Berlijn. “When you train, you can’t always go find shelter in the locker room.” At such times, the Versatile is perfect: Completely waterproof, both inside and out. Berlijn never has to worry about having to put on wet clothes after training. “That bag always stays dry. And your change of clothes inside of it is also always dry. That’s ideal. I used to have to change into wet clothes sometimes. With the Versatile, it doesn’t happen anymore.”

Pro-athlete Niek Heldoorn too has many bad stories to tell about bags and wet content. “Not all bags are waterproof,” he says from experience. “Or, most of the time, they are waterproof when brand new, but it doesn’t last long. And, of course, it’s a bummer to spend money on a bag that starts leaking after only a few months. It’s such a waste.”

As far as Heldoorn is concerned, a good and reliable waterproof bag is indisputably a must. “We go swimming in open water a lot in the summer, and we cycle there and back,” he explains. “The weather in the Netherlands is not always great. With the Versatile, you can wear dry cycling clothes to get there, and they are still dry on the way back. You don’t put back on cycling clothes that got all wet in the bag. For things like that, the Versatile is really ideal.”

Whether you use the Versatile 2.0 bag for competition or training, as an outdoor athlete you are always dependent on the weather. With a bag that can handle all conditions, you’ll have fewer worries off your back! You know you have a dry change of clothes waiting for you after your workout, come rain or come shine. You know you will slip on dry shoes at your transition. And you know you will go home wearing a fresh set of clothes after the race. This provides you peace of mind, and allows you to focus on one thing only: your performance.

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