Jonas Deichmann’s Personal Goals and Training for “Challenge Roth 120 Times In a Row”

Jonas Deichmann, an extreme athlete known for his cycling and endurance feats, is about to embark on an incredible journey. Starting on May 9th, Jonas will take on a massive challenge: completing 120 long-distance triathlons, each on the tough course of Challenge Roth. And on the 60th day, he plans to race in the Challenge Roth event itself.

To prepare, Jonas has been training in Girona, Spain—a popular spot for top athletes. Here, he’s been getting ready both physically and mentally for the tough road ahead. He has shared with us that his favourite training day would consist of 2500-3000m of swimming, a 100km bike ride exploring new routes, including a long climb, and a half marathon to finish the day.

Recently, Jonas shared his goals and strategies for the challenge. He’s focused on three main things: avoiding injuries, keeping his body weight steady, and not pushing too hard. He’s aiming to keep a steady pace every day, with specific targets for each part of the triathlon: swimming 3800 meters in 1 hour and 15 minutes, biking 180 kilometers in 5 hours and 30 minutes (with a lunch break halfway), and running a marathon in 4 hours. That’s a total of about 12 hours each day!

What’s impressive about Jonas is how quickly he’s risen in the world of triathlons. He only started doing them in 2021, exploring triathlons around the world while pursuing his passion.

We’re eagerly awaiting Jonas’s day at Challenge Roth. With each stroke, pedal, and step, he’s showing us what the human spirit can achieve. We’re sure he’ll not only break records but also inspire us all to aim higher.


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