Joe Skipper: ‘I know it sounds very cliche, but make sure you really do like your best life’

They were scary moments for Joe Skipper: the top British athlete was getting ready for a bike ride last Sunday, when he suddenly couldn’t speak anymore and lost his memory. He is now okay again, but of course we wish him lots of strength.

“Unfortunately not the end to the season I had hoped for. I won’t be in Florida racing this Saturday or Cozumel. On Sunday while I was getting ready to head out for a ride I was trying to talk to a friend when I found myself unable to talk. I knew what I wanted to say but was unable to get it out, my memory also went and this is bad at the best of times but I found myself unable to remember powerful pensioners name and many other people. I ended up going to hospital, getting a CT scan, staying the night, having more tests and was then given the all clear to leave. I’ve still got one more test to do but its looking good all be it very worrying at the time. The doctors have said to take it easy for a few days and then I’ll be good to go as long as the last test shows nothing bad.

“I know it sounds very cliche guys, but make sure you really do live your best life as you never know whats around the corner!”