Jan Frodeno gives motivational speech for Liverpool FC soccer players; this is what we can learn from top triathletes

Perseverance, determination, passion, fighting spirit, the will to never give up and the drive to always be the best: there is plenty we can learn from the best triathletes in the world. Almost all of them are unique personalities, all with skills that can also come in handy in ‘normal’ everyday life. And skills that can be put to use within other sports or careers for sure.

Not for nothing was Jan Frodeno recently invited by Liverpool FC to give a motivational speech to some of worlds best soccer players. Liverpool FC was enjoying a training camp in the Black Forest (Germany) and trainer Jürgen Klopp invited Frodeno, as reported by triathlon website Triathlon Today:

Soccer fans know how difficult it is to get the faces within a soccer team – especially if it is a world-class club with only world-famous players – to pull in one direction. Some thirty players, all big earners in the case of such a top team, want only one thing: one of 11 spots on the field. So, much revolves around keeping the players motivated, and that is exactly what none other than Jan Frodeno played a role in recently at top English team Liverpool FC.

While Frodeno was preparing for his last professional race – the IM World Champs in Nice – he also traveled to the Black Forest, where at the time Jürgen Klopp’s team was enjoying a training camp and working on the so-called “Liverpool Reloaded” project. That project involved reshaping the squad, which had just recently been enriched with a variety of new players. During the training camp, Frodeno gave a speech in front of the players and staff.

Frodeno was invited to tell the soccer players about his career full of victories and the dedication required to be able to act at the highest level for so long. Among other things, he talked about pushing your body, pushing the limits and the resistance you have to be able to offer to your own body when fatigue sets in.

This is not the first time Klopp has put top athletes from a completely different sport in front of his squad. In the year Liverpool FC won the Premier League (2019-2020), for example, he invited surfer Sebastian Steudtner.