IPPGroup CHALLENGEVIETNAM in Nha Trang is the rising sports destination in Southeast Asia

Vietnam is located on the southern and eastern portion of the Indochinese peninsula facing the South China Sea. With it’s typical tropical weather, Vietnam and it’s beach cities are ideal for sports and tourism. As such, the capital beach city Nha Trang with it’s new international airport Cam Ranh are in momentum of increasing visitors and athletes to the city from all over the world.

IPPGroup CHALLENGEVIETNAM takes place on 14th July in Nha Trang and was awarded the “Best Inaugural Long Distance Triathlon in Asia” by AsiaTri in it’s first year in 2016. This year, the race is expected to be yet another outstanding race for all involved.

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa continues to impress as a wonderful tourist destination. Surrounded by clear blue tropical waters, 7km of white sand beaches, and numerous varieties of beautiful trees, it has rightfully been crowned the beach capital of Vietnam. This, along with good weather all year round, has caused a huge surge in tourism.

The location not only offers a spectacular background for the triathlon itself but also an abundance of activities. The surrounding waters are home to lots of small islands and 120 square kilometres of  awe-inspiring coral reef. Island hopping and snorkeling are great things to do. You can visit some of the best preserved pieces of Cham architecture in the whole of Vietnam, The Po Nagar Towers, or take a ride on one of the longest over-water cable cars in the world, which connects Nha Trang to another great tourist attraction, the Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. The amusement park has been considered the Disney Land of Vietnam and is filled with great activities for the family including rides, water slides, and an aquarium.

Nha Trang is also home to some of Vietnam’s best hotels, including the “2nd Top Hotel” in Vietnam, L’alyana Ninh Van Bay, which is a tropical oasis, where jungle meets the ocean. The Intercontinental Hotel Nha Trang has also recently been awarded “Vietnam’s Leading Luxury Hotel 2018” so you can relax in the most indulging environments before and after your race. Your experience in Nha Trang will provide you with memories to cherish forever, whilst doing new, fun and exciting things.  All this is creating a legacy for Nha Trang in becoming the new and only destination for sport in Asia.

This year, travelling to Nha Trang has never been easier, due to the recent opening of a new international terminal at the Cam Ranh International airport. The expansion of the airport has allowed an additional eight million passengers a year with direct flights from South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Russia.

“I absolutely loved the race, the city and the people of Nha Trang. Nha Trang is fairly easy to get to from Australia and CVN offer exceptional value for money” says Levi Maxwell, Age Group Winner in 2014 and 2015 at Long Distance World Championships. He will come back to Nha Trang this year.


IPPGroup CHALLENGEVIETNAM: The race route of a lifetime – Dream it, Do it, Live it!
DREAM IT – The race is made up of three legs; 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and then 21km run. Starting with the swim, you’ll delight in Nha Trang’s beautiful warm waters, where the natural elements make for an unforgettable experience. As you come out of the swim and enter into the transition area, the exhilarating surroundings and enthusiasm from marshalls and racers alike, will ensure you don’t let up and keep going strong. Starting the 90km cycle on a flat surface, you will pass through numerous coastal resorts accompanied by shadows cast by the coconut trees along the way. You will reach your first mild incline with the bridge that crosses the water and separates the coastal city and providing you with a view that is simply spectacular. Further along the way, you’ll pass through divine coastal fishing villages, street cafes and seaside structures. You’ll be challenged by some demanding coastal hills, but the scenery they unveil will make it all worth while. On returning your bike to the transition area and on entering the run, the pleasant shade from the surrounding trees and the cool sea breeze will protect you from the heat. Having completed three loops of this course, you’ll race to the finish line, greeted with cheers and high fives from the spectators, organizers and your families. Your final task to signify the end of your journey, is to ring the gong. It’s at this point you’ll know you’ve achieved your goal.

The race course and finish line moment, having the conquered the amazing heat, will fill you with an astonishing sense of accomplishment. The experience and visual stories put together along your race journey will stay in your mind forever. Your participation at Nha Trang Challenge Vietnam 2019 will be a book of memories, together with friends and family, that you will always cherish and never forget.

“It was amazing!!! It was my first time ever in Asia, so basically everything about the race was an unforgettable experience. I was sad to leave, and always promised I was going to be back soon! I’m so glad I’m going too!” Johana Solano, Miss Costa Rica 2011 and triathlete from several international podiums in different distances.


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DO IT – Nha Trang challenges you to come and race its courses! Try a new challenge and do something different! Nha Trang is the perfect location to do it. The local people of Nha Trang can’t wait to welcome you to their city and share their way of life. The race not only challenges you to complete the demanding course, but also challenges you to be part of something bigger. A challenge to race, and a challenge to TRI Nha Trang.

LIVE IT – Mitch Robins, winner of CHALLENGEVIETNAM 2016, stated “I’ve been in Vietnam before and I love the country, people, food and of course Challenge Nha Trang. Cant wait to be back in July!”

In conveying the message “nothing is impossible for a woman”, To Phuong, IPPGroup CHALLENGEVIETNAM´s 2019 ambassador, calls out to all Vietnamese women out there to take on the challenge of Nha Trang. “I am blessed with a sport that allows an ordinary woman like me to do the extraordinary. I was taught when I was a little girl to walk, limp or even crawl but NEVER GIVE UP. My journey with CHALLENGEVIETNAM encourage other women to take on the challenge and train with me. You can do it, because nothing is impossible for a woman!”

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Event day: July 14, 2019

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

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