Interview with Lucy Charles

Interview with Lucy Charles


Why are you competing at The Championship 2018?

  • After racing last year and absolutely loving the event, the venue and the course it was a no brainer to come back in 2018. Of course being the defending champion I also want to have a shot at defending my title.

What is the special thing about The Championship 2018?

  • This year the event has grown in size, it has attracted an even bigger and more competitive field. I am really excited to race!

Are you doing a special training to prepare for The Championship 2018?

  • I have decided to base myself at home to prepare for this years event. Being at home allows me to train with my swim squad and running club. Although the cycling is not so good at home in comparison to when I am based at Club la Santa in Lanzarote. But thanks to Zwift I can train hard indoors, focusing on more intensity and less volume.

Are you looking forward to something special in The Championship 2018?

  • I love the whole venue and the course, that in itself is very unique and special. My favourite part of the course is the mix of terrain on the run. I will also be looking forward to making the most of the facilities (pre and post race), including the cinema and bowling alley. I don’t think there is another race where you can do all of that at the race venue, so cool!

What are your expectations for The Championship 2018?

  • I expect it to be one of the most competitive races I will do in 2018. It’s going to test me to my limits and I am so excited to see how I fair.

What are your personal expectations for The Championship 2018?

  • I expect I will race how I always race, giving it everything I have and enjoying it regardless of the outcome.