Inside the Win of Florian Angert, Champion of The Championship 2021

We take a look inside the win of the champion of The Championship 2021, Florian Angert, and what it took to get to the top of the podium, plus he has advice for those racing The Championship for the first time.

Which race did you qualify at for The Championship 2021?
Challenge Heilbronn 2019

How did it feel winning The Championship in 2021?
It was great. I had solid races so far that season but it was far from perfect. Training was great leading up to The Championship and I was confident to get a podium result. Winning that race where I came 3rd and 5th before felt super good!

What are your key tips for the swim, bike and run courses?
Swim: practice orientation in training – look for trees, flags, buildings around the race to set as “markers”
Bike: practice aero position and be prepared for some pain 😉
Run: practice running on sand and grass – that’s unique about The Championship – the run on the horse track and the grass field inside.

What would your training advice be for someone racing The Championship for the first time?
Practice riding in aero position for as long as possible. A 90k flat bike course sounds easy but it’s demanding in a completely different way.

If you could share one piece of inside strategy about the course that you think helped you to victory, what would it be?
Push when it hurts 😉

What’s your typical pre-race breakfast?
White bread with jam, honey, Nutella. Two cups of coffee. Depending on the start time some oats. In general: easy carbs 😉

What gear did you use for the race:
Time Trial Bike: Cube Aerium C68 SLT
Wheels: Zipp Super 9 Disc and 858 front wheel
Helmet: custom
Drink Bottles: Cube Hydration System + standard bottles in the rear
Bike Shoes: Shimano
Clothing: Cube SLT Tri Suit
Wetsuit: Sailfish Ultimate
Running Shoes: Asics
Sunglasses: Oakley Encoder
GPS Sports Watch: none

What was your favourite thing about the race venue, x-bionic sphere?
It’s cool to have everything you need and could wish for so close. No matter if gym, swimming pool, or easy accessible roads with a little amount of traffic. And of course good food in the Japanese restaurant after the race. I really like the x-bionic sphere!

What do you usually do the day after a big race?
I fly or drive home and enjoy being home doing nothing. A good cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the sun on the balcony.