Getting it All: The Revolutionary Quintana Roo HYDROsix2 Wetsuit

While the swim is the shortest leg of any Challenge event, the wetsuit plays a highly pivotal role for any triathlete. But what we prioritize in a wetsuit differs from athlete to athlete. What’s most important to you? Is it flexibility, to feel like you’re not even in a wetsuit? Buoyancy to help move you through the water with less effort? Fit that envelopes your body with no gaps? Form retention through your swim stroke? Do I have to choose between them… and which do I choose?

It’s actually possible to have it all, in the most advanced game-changing wetsuit in triathlon: the Quintana Roo HYDROsix2.

Minimal Panels, Maximum Flexibility 

It all starts in design. And when Quintana Roo’s team designed the HYDROsix2, they went with a simple premise: less is more. Less panels, that is.

While other brands love to put panels across the body (which can produce it an aggressive look) that marketing teams love) HYDROsix2 is crafted with the lowest panel and seam count in triathlon wetsuits. Why? Fewer panels means less panels stitched and glued to one another—a process that reduces flexibility.  

And we want that flexibility to be able to breathe without restriction, to reach overhead without pull at the underarm, to kick without feeling bound and locked at the knee. 

With fewer panels, triathletes are ensured optimal body positioning, minimized energy expenditure and maximized efficiency. With every stroke, HYDROsix2 triathletes experience unparalleled fluidity, giving them a competitive edge from the start.

Fit for EVERY Body 

Recognizing that every athlete is unique, Quintana Roo made a radical change, moving away from mens and womens wetsuits, instead building a range of sizes based on body type features—regardless of gender, making the HYDROsix2 the first genderless suit.

That’s because every body is build differently. There are tall, lean triathletes with broad chests and short legs. There are short triathletes with Short torsos and long legs. It was analyzing the difference that came not from gender, but simple body morphology, that QR moved to a new fit paradigm, with 14 wholly different sizes. It provides triathletes better fit options than ever before. And the result is better fit. When the HYDROsix2 accounts for your body type, not solely your gender, you’re in for a better fit experience in the water—better reach, less gapping, and more natural feel all over the body. Fit is paramount, and the HYDROsix2 brings you the right fit—in a whole new way.

Advanced Materials 

Quintana Roo spares no expense in sourcing the finest materials for their wetsuits, and the HYDROsix2 is no exception. Utilizing premium Yamamoto neoprene blends, the HYDROsix2 offers unparalleled flexibility without compromising buoyancy or durability. Its premium construction ensures long-term performance, withstanding the rigors of training and competition.

Strategic Buoyancy Distribution 

Buoyancy plays a pivotal role in swim propulsion and body positioning; and the HYDROsix2 employs a sophisticated buoyancy distribution system to optimize performance. By strategically placing buoyancy panels in key areas—thick 5mm panels through the thighs to help float the legs, and stabilizing panels through the core, the HYDROsix2 promotes a natural swimming posture, quick rotation through the core, and enhanced stability and efficiency throughout the stroke cycle. It’s your swim stroke—only better.

The Quintana Roo HYDROsix2 redefines the standards of excellence in triathlon wetsuits, combining hydrodynamic prowess, advanced materials, a new paradigm in customized fit, and innovative design features. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor striving for podium finishes or a dedicated enthusiast aiming to conquer new challenges at Challenge Family events, the HYDROsix2 empowers you to push beyond boundaries and reach new heights in your triathlon journey. Experience the pinnacle of performance with the HYDROsix2, and unleash your full potential in the water.