From tomorrow it’s on: Jonas Deichmann goes 120 x Challenge Roth

Starting tomorrow – May 9, 7:00 a.m. CEST – it’s going to happen: Jonas Deichmann will then dive into the waters of Roth for the first time and begin his world record attempt in which he intends to complete Challenge Roth 120 times in 120 days. Indeed: every day the German athlete will start over again for 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and 42.2 kilometers of running.

The record of consecutive Long Distances currently stands at 105, but Deichmann wants to add at least fifteen more. Due to swimming restrictions, Deichmann will not swim in the Main-Danube canal but in the adjacent Rothsee, but after the swim he will follow the exact Challenge Roth bike and run courses. On July 7, when Deichmann will be exactly halfway through his world record attempt, he will compete in Challenge Roth.

Deichmann is pretty famous already: among other things, he became known for his ‘triathlon around the world‘. In it he covered 120 Long Distances in distance, crossed 18 countries and was on the road for a total of 429 days. During this triathlon, he did the distances in succession; he first swam 450 kilometers, then cycled 17,000 kilometers and then ran 5060 kilometers.

During his world record attempt, which starts tomorrow, Deichmann can be followed via the following link.

*Article by Triathlon Today