Dylan McNeice is chasing the Challenge Family World Bonus leader and Lisa Roberts takes pole position in the female ranking

Dylan McNeice is chasing the Challenge Family World Bonus leader and Lisa Roberts takes pole position in the female ranking

 After a busy weekend at The Championship in Slovakia and CHALLENGEVENICEin Italy, both qualifying races for the Challenge Family World Bonus, Pablo Gonzales Dapena from Spain is still in the lead. But Dylan McNeice did a great job by finishing third in Venice and has decreased the gap to only 100 points.

In the female ranking, Yvonne van Vlerken didn’t start at either of these Challenge races and lost her first place to new leader Lisa Roberts.

Gonzales Dapena was not at either race this weekend but he still has 900 points in total, thanks to his results in CHALLENGEGRANCANARIA (1st), CHALLENGELISBOA (1st),CHALLENGEROMA (2nd) and CHALLENGESALOU(2nd). Number two Dylan McNeice came in third this weekend at CHALLENGEVENICE and earned 300 points at this long distance race. After winning CHALLENGETAIWAN earlier this season, he now has 800 points in total, just 100 points less than Gonzales Dapena. In the male ranking, Jaroslav Kovacic is the new number three. He took the win at CHALLENGEVENICE (500 points) and together with his points from CHALLENGERICCIONE (100) and CHALLENGELISBOA (150) he now has a total of 750. He’s really closing in on Gonzales Dapena and McNeice.

The results at The Championship have not influenced the top 3 of the Challenge Family World Bonus ranking. Lionel Sanders took the win and that gave him 375 points. That’s his total for now and he’s currently in fourth position. Sebastian Kienle came second and earned 300 points and holds sixth place in the standings. Florian Angert’s third place at The Championship earned him 225 points and he is now 12th in the rankings.

You can check the full male standings here:

New women in charge

It was a great weekend for Lisa Roberts. She took the win at CHALLENGEVENICEand earned 500 points with her victory. Added to her fourth place at CHALLENGERICCIONEearlier this season (100 points) she now has 600 in total. That’s 25 points more than former leader Yvonne van Vlerken. She didn’t start at a Challenge race this weekend and currently holds 575 points. Julia Grant, number three in the rankings, still has 500 points after winning CHALLENGETAIWAN earlier this season. Similar to Van Vlerken she didn’t take part in a Challenge race this weekend.

Jenny Nae finished CHALLENGEVENICE in second place and secured her first 400 points and sixth place in the rankings. Pleuni Hooijman came in third and earned 300 points, which now puts her in 13th place.

Similar to the male results at The Championship, the female results had no effect on the top 3 of the Challenge Family World Bonus. Lucy Charles took an amazing victory and earned her first 375 points. She is now in seventh place. Anne Haug took second place and 300 points and is currently 12thin the ranking. Radka Vodickova’s third place at The Championship, earned her 225 points and she is now in 18th place.

You can check the full female standings here:


The next opportunities to earn points are at CHALLENGEHERNINGin Denmark on the 9th June 2018. CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN takes place the following day on the 10thJune in Belgium. The $165kend-of-season bonus will pay five deep across both male and female with the top ranked Pro taking home $30k. Second place will carry a bonus of $20k, third, fourth and fifth positions will pay $15k, $12k and $5k accordingly. Ranking will be decided through a fair points system based on placings earned. This system is explained fully here:

In the event of a tie, the prize money will be averaged between the two athletes and corresponding places.