CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE gets privilege to host ETU European Championship Middle Distance Festival in 2020

A European Championship Aquabike, European Championship Aquathlon and European Championship Middle Distance Triathlon will form a weekend full of racing in Austria.  CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE is about to host the newly introduced ETU European Championships Middle Distance Festival 2020.

CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE will become a true triathlon festival with lots of racing options on the highest level of competition, including the best triathletes from all over Europe. In addition to the European Championships, CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE will offer a Junior and Kids Challenge, Challenge Woman, Challenge Relays and Challenge Swim. “And of course the traditional Kaiserschmarrn Party won’t miss,” adds Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of CHALLENGEFAMILY. “As we truly believe in the potential of the festival concept, high level races will be combined with activities for athletes of all abilities, and also music, culture and entertainment. CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE has always been an remarkable Event, but now with the European Championship hosting, will be an even bigger name on the CHALLENGEFAMILY race calendar. Triathletes from all over Europe definitely don’t want to miss this and can test the course already on June 30 this year in the 10th edition of CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE.”

The triathlon sport has a long tradition in the region of Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee: in 2019 CHALLENGEKAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE celebrates its tenth anniversary.

“Of course the roads will be fully closed to traffic during the races, there will be an excellent line up of national and international elite athletes and national broadcasting is guaranteed with a long term partnership”, said Szlufcik. “And don’t forget the KAISERWINKL-WALCHSEE is an amazing triathlon destination. You can follow triathlon programs 365 days a year with training camps in winter and summer, count down watch, bike course permanently marked, hotels specifically designing services for athletes and and a large variety of events.”

“With its scenic mountain tops, the crystal clear lake Walchsee, and the challenging bike course our region offers ideal conditions for a triathlon race”, said Gerd Erharter on behalf of the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Organisation. ,,With big support of the community and the sportive and touristic infrastructure, athletes will experience that Kaiserwinkl breaths triathlon! We are really happy with the news about the European Championships 2020, as we see this as a reward for all the hard work that has been done together to build up a world class event as a triathlon community. For us it will be the highlight of the coming year!”