Challenge Riccione – “Train in your time trial position at moderate or threshold intensity alternated with threshold climbs and above threshold climbs”

Have a look at CHALLENGERICCIONE’s Race Courses and specific Training Tips from Race Director Alessandro Alessandri, the Head Coach of the Sammarinese Swim Federation Luca Corsetti and Running Coach Francesco Aluigi.


Athletes will swim 300 meters straight out from the coast and then swim parallel to the beach for about 750 meters until they reach the second buoy. They will then swim 100 meters back towards the coast and then 550 meters parallel to the beach. From the last buoy athletes will swim directly towards Bagno 49 of Terme Riccione where the swim exit will be set up. To be prepared for the swim and finish it with enough energy for 90km of cycling and 21km of running, start training at race pace with sets of 200m. You can start with 5 – 6 sets to arrive at 10-12 sets after 6 weeks. – Luca Corsetti, Head Coach of the Sammarinese Swim Federation


The new race route has kept its characteristics of the past years: spectacular but at the same time challenging and a lot faster notwithstanding its 830m of elevation gain. Long stretches of flat roads where athletes can reach top performances in time trial position alternated with climbs, some of which are short and others longer but with reasonable gradients. Don’t underestimate the route. Be well trained for May 5, 2019, especially at a muscular level. My advice is to train a lot on the TT bike because the route is well suited for these bikes. Include in your training program parts in the time trial position at moderate or threshold intensity alternated with threshold climbs and above threshold climbs, alongside Slow Frequency Repetitions in the winter. – Alessandro Alessandri, Race Director of CHALLENGERICCIONE


To enjoy the run during CHALLENGERICCIONE and reach the finish line as fast as possible, make room in your training program for Tempo Runs, both at steady pace and varied pace and try to run reps at medium long distances. Don’t forget to get your body used to the transition of cycling to running, passing from the purely aerobic running sessions to more qualitative running sessions immediately after a cycling workout.The flat and fast running route will help you reach the finish line of your CHALLENGERICCIONE in Piazzale Marinai D’Italia. – Francesco Aluigi,  AluigiTrainingProgram 

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