Challenge Geraardsbergen to host Military Championship Middle Distance Triathlon

CHALLENGEFAMILY is proud to announce that CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN will host the inaugural 2018 Military Championship. This means military triathletes from all over the world will battle which country delivers the strongest soldier on Middle Distance triathlon.

Race Director Kris Torrekens is proud that CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN is selected to host the event. “This monumental course with the cycling classic ‘the Muur’ is the ideal location to battle for prizes” The Military Championship is not only to see who is the best triathlete but also to strengthen the international bond and to share experiences between the participating Armed Forces.

CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Zibi is eager to embrace this Championship into the Festival approach of the Challenge Family event: “This step meets our objective to have an inclusive event. We would like to showcase that triathlon is a sport which is open to anyone. Hosting the Military Championship is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements within this specific category.”

Torrekens adds: “It all started when we noticed that a lot of people in the army use triathlon for achieving a their level of fitness and they like the focus and dedication that are needed to get it to the finish line. So we decided to create a special military championship. I think this will increase the level of competition as well as having an inclusive event.”

Sgt Syrett from Great Britain will be one of the participants. “I echo so many pertinent words that have been previously, however I would like to exhaust the importance of what the sport of triathlon gives ‘us’, the participating athlete. This sport gives every individual the opportunity to participate in something both fun and gratifying regardless of gender, ethnicity, occupation etc. Although this event posses to be a great ‘Challenge’, all the British Army athletes will be pleased to share the startline with so many inspirational, diverse people.

CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN presents their second edition on June 10, 2018. Next to the Middle Distance there are interesting side events as Challenge Swim, Challenge Women, Challenge 3 hour ‘the Muur’ and Challenge Teens. The swim start is located at Provinciaal Domein De Gavers and transition and finish areas are in the historical city center.