Challenge Gallipoli Set to Take Athletes on a Race Through History in 2024

A course steeped in ancient and modern history, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty is the latest Challenge Family destination with today’s announcement of Challenge Gallipoli on Türkiye’s Gelibolu Peninsula on 2 June 2024.

The Gallipoli Campaign needs no introduction as one of the defining battles of the First World War. Challenge Gallipoli is set over the middle distance in the heart of the protected historical area with its rugged and battle-marked landscapes and a far-reaching views over the Dardanelles, offering athletes a unique triathlon experience that extends far beyond the sport itself.

“In the heart of Gallipoli, where history echoes from hills and shores, the spirit of endurance and victory emerges. Just as warriors once faced the challenges of this historic land, modern triathletes will win their own battles. With Challenge Gallipoli, triathletes will swim in cool waters, cycle against the wind and run on historical lands in a protected region full of historical and natural beauty. Triathletes will experience that the Gallipoli region, where history and triathlon meet, is a living proof of endurance, both in terms of the echoes of the past and the steps of today,” said Bayram Yalçinkaya, president of the Turkish Triathlon Federation.

“At the point where the Dardanelles meets infinity, Gallipoli stands as a proof of courage that transcends time. Here, the sounds of valour echo across the hills and the land tells the story of unity, sacrifice and the enduring spirit that binds nations together in a common memory. Challenge Gallipoli offers athletes not only a race, but also an adventure where they can feel the spirit of these lands rich in history and beauty,” said Ismail Kasdemir, president of the Canakkale Wars Gallipoli Historical Site.

“There is a strong air of reverence at Gallipoli,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “To hold a triathlon here is a great privilege as we value the peace the sacrifice of those before us enabled. There is no doubt this is a race to remember for so many reasons – the history, the outstanding natural beauty, the warm Turkish hospitality and a route that transcends the course of time. We very much look forward to once again working with the Turkish Triathlon Federation to create an unforgettable experience for athletes from all over the world.”

The athletes start from the Old Gendarmerie Pier with a 1.9km swim in cool waters, paying their respects to those sleeping in the depths after the apocalyptic days of 1915.

The single loop 90km bike takes athletes towards ANZAC Cove and its monuments, named after the ANZACs, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who landed here in 1915. The courses takes athletes through the trenches and the lands bearing the traces of the Çanakkale Land Wars, and Conkbayırı, where Mustafa Kemal Aatatürk famously said to his soldiers, “I order you to die, not to attack.” They climb the steep slopes, and this climb is considered one of the most testing parts of the race. Leaving Conkbayırı behind, athletes pass in front of the Gestas Ferry Pier and head to Alçıtepe village. This stage offers a moment of respite amidst the tranquillity and natural beauty of the village before returning back to T2.

The athletes once again head to ANZAC Cove for the three-lap run course along the coastline that immerses athletes deep into the history of the peninsula. Crossing the finish line, athletes experience not just a physical endurance test but also the unique historic atmosphere of Gelibolu.

Challenge Gallipoli will take place on 2 June 2024 with entries open shortly at