Challenge Family Enters the World of Virtual Sports with Rouvy

Today’s announcement of a multi-year global partnership between virtual e-sports app ROUVY and the Challenge Family series of long-distance triathlons, will give athletes the opportunity to explore any Challenge Family course around the world at any time without leaving home.

ROUVY will combine animated 3D avatars, both cycling and running, with real-life video footage of Challenge Family destinations to create a new level of interactive home training. The new partnership aims to continue development of a strong online community through virtual group rides, race-specific training sessions, course familiarisation with pros and mixed-format competitions. In addition, the cooperation will help beginners to access and explore Challenge Family event locations, bringing new converts to the triathlon community.

“ROUVY stands apart in the virtual training arena thanks to its use of actual race course footage. While it is a virtual experience, it really doesn’t get any more realistic!” said Jort Vlam, CEO of Challenge Family. “We’re excited to extend Challenge Family to the virtual world, providing athletes with a strong training community throughout the year and the ability to experience the courses they will be racing on, with no travel required!”

ROUVY is also looking forward to the new partnership: “We are thrilled to team up with Challenge Family and bring the most iconic places and races, such as Challenge Roth and Challenge Family The Championship among others, to every triathlete around the world. Equally, Challenge Family triathletes will get access to the most beautiful and exotic locations worldwide,” noted Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY. “ROUVY is the #1 app if you are looking for stunning routes with unique augmented technology providing highly realistic and immersive riding and running. For athletes of any fitness level who would like to explore new places while training and racing, right from your home, this is the place to be!” added Samek.

Plans are in place for Challenge Family and ROUVY to roll out digital race courses throughout 2022. The spectacular Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum in Korea is the first Challenge Family race on the ROUVY platform, soon to be joined by more iconic courses to be experienced from anywhere in the world.