Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus 2023 Kicks Off at Challenge Wanaka

Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand’s Southern Alps is just days away and the countdown is on for not only the first race of the 2023 Challenge Family season but also the first point-scoring race for the Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus.

Won in 2022 by Sam Long and Fenella Langridge, the World Bonus provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a US$125,000 end-of-season bonus, in addition to the prize purse at the races.

“Professional athletes are such a vital part of our sport. We greatly value our relationships with them and the significant contributions they make, in not only inspiring others but also providing triathlon with the profile it needs for a positive future,” said Jort Vlam, Challenge Family CEO. “Our races share this commitment and so contribute to the World Bonus, on top the prize purse they already offer. We’re proud to provide this additional benefit to the pros and look forward to what is an always exciting race to pole position at the end of the season.”

The US$125k bonus pays five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pros taking home $25k, second earns $16.5k and third wins $12k, fourth $6k and fifth $3k.

Ranking is decided through a points system based on placings earned. Athletes are only able to count their six best Challenge Family or Clash races during the season, of which no more than one can be a long distance race (226km).

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