Challenge Family launches renewed ‘Challenge Family App’

Athletes and spectators can download the renewed Challenge Family App – which is created in conjunction with – in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. This app offers a clear overview of all races and provides specific race information with just a click of a button.

“Not only during our races, but also in the period before and after, we would like to support our athletes and their spectators as best as possible,” explains Challenge Family CTO Richard Belderok. “This updated app helps with that tremendously. Among other things, you’ll find unique web content, an overview of the most interesting CHALLENGEFAMILY news, you’ll be easily linked to the right race pages, you’ll get specific race information from organizers if you wish and you can go directly to our live page, where you’ll be kept informed of the latest developments during CHALLENGEFAMILY races via video, text updates and/or a liveticker.”

All information is thus bundled into one app, which Belderok says is intuitive to use. “Athletes can also share photos with each other, for example if they have participated in a race. We think this is a great addition to the ‘Family Feeling’ that we like to experience together.”

Download the Challenge Family App in the Apple AppStore

Download the Challenge Family App in the Google Play Store