CHALLENGE FAMILY introduces a World Bonus for Pro-Athletes

CHALLENGEFAMILY introduces a World Bonus for Pro-Athletes

CHALLENGEFAMILY has decided to expand the successful European Money Ranking in 2018 to a so-called CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus. This means that professional Athletes can earn points not only in European races, but also in races outside of Europe. The earned points count up in a final ranking at the end of the season with a total bonus prize purse of $165.000.

With this World Bonus, CHALLENGEFAMILY rewards the pro-athletes racing the series, and results in having the best professionals racing head-to-head in the CHALLENGEFAMILY races. “We strongly believe that the professional Athletes are the ambassadors of our wonderful sport. We have seen strong racing and amazing winners in the European Ranking the last two years. We are happy to extend this to a world wide ranking first time in 2018 ” says Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of CHALLENGEFAMILY.

The first races to be added to the ranking in the 2018 season are CHALLENGETAIWAN, CHALLENGESANGIL (Mexico), CHALLENGEASIA-PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIP (Taiwan) and CHALLENGEDAYTONA (USA). All European races remain part of the ranking.

The total prize purse $165.000 for the worldwide ranking will pay 5 deep for both male and female athletes. The overall winners will take home $30.000. Second place will earn $20.000, third and fourth place $15.000 and $12.000 consecutively and fifth place winner will pocket $5.000. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be averaged between the two athletes and corresponding places.

The points system that leads to the final ranking will remain the same as last year’s European ranking. This is based on points earned by the athlete’s six best CHALLENGEFAMILY race results of the season, of which no more than two can be long distance races, which earn double points.

The CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus will start with CHALLENGEROMA on 15th of April 2018 and ends with CHALLENGEDAYTONA on 8th of December 2018.