Challenge Daytona Pro-Am Relay: ‘This was the best with the best’

For lots of athletes it’s a dream that comes true: racing with world-class athletes, who are heroes to many of them. Today this dream came true for every participant of the CHALLENGEDAYTONA Pro-Am Relay. In this Sprint Distance race, pro athletes completed the swim part, while Age Group athletes took care of the bike and run part. 

Team Sarah Crowley turned out to be the fastest team after all: “This was the best with the best”, says the Age Group runner of the team. “It was tough, but I loved it anyway. It was amazing to meet Sarah and of course it was spectacular to race on a course like this Daytona International Speedway.” 

The Pro-Am Relay brings both worlds of pro’s and Age Groupers together, something that CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Jort Vlam thinks is very important. “Family is in our brand name of course and therefore this format is something that suits us very well. We love to organize races for the best pros in the world, something that is going to happen Sunday during the PTO 2020 Championship, but Age Groupers are at least as important to us. We love to see them all having fun.”