Challenge Almere-Amsterdam runner-up Kieran Lindars traveled to The Netherlands to personally thank volunteers

It was a very special moment: none other than Briton Kieran Lindars traveled to The Netherlands to personally thank the hundreds of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam volunteers who gathered last night during the annual volunteer party.

Lindars won Challenge Almere-Amsterdam in 2022 and finished second this year behind an unleashed Menno Koolhaas. The last kilometer, however, was so tough for Lindars that he crossed the finish line almost crawling. That footage went viral and was broadcast on the biggest news channels in the Netherlands, England, Germany, France and America, among others. Thirty minutes after his finish – and important medical support – Lindars already announced he was okay again.

Yesterday the Brit felt it was worth coming to the Netherlands especially to thank all the volunteers in person. “I feel a lot better again than the last time I spoke to you guys,” he joked. “I want to thank you very much for making sure I’m safe and have experienced a great event. You guys are very important. Not only for me, but for all athletes. Thank you for that,” he said.

Every year about eight hundred volunteers are helping at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. During the annual volunteer party these volunteers are put in the limelight by the organization. Nice detail: athletes who have participated in the race help in the service. In addition, every year a volunteer of the year is chosen. This year that honor went to Sylvia de Vries, who helps coordinate all the motorbikes on the course.