Cameron Wurf – Even a half marathon wasn’t enough after Paris-Roubaix: ‘Wanted to run further, but got too dark’

After finishing Paris-Roubaix, Cameron Wurf already surprised many people by running 21 kilometers at a particularly high pace, but the triathlete in him proved unstoppable. So unstoppable, in fact, that Wurf would have liked to run even further, but it got too dark. This is according to an article by Triathlon Today, which in turn relies on Belgium’s Sporza.

“It all plays out in your head. I could have easily gone to an eatery Sunday night for a burger and glass of beer. Or I could have been on my bed watching golf.” Cameron Wurf chose neither option, because after riding Paris-Roubaix, he ran another half marathon. While his colleagues were relaxing on the couch or bed, Wurf put on the running shoes. Now he said to Belgian Sporza that he would have preferred to run even further. “But it was getting too dark.”

Wurf admits he was not completely demolished after riding Paris-Roubaix, where he came in 22 minutes behind winner Mathieu van der Poel. “Not that it was an easy race; Paris-Roubaix remains a challenge. But I didn’t completely break down to get to the finish. During the last eighty kilometers I was already thinking about the run. I was tired, but in triathlon the level is so high and so I have to raise my level. That way I will become competitive again for top five or podium finishes.”