British Army trailblazer set to make professional triathlon debut at Challenge Gran Canaria

Captain Rosie Wild of the British Army will make her professional debut this weekend at Challenge Gran Canaria. From doing her first triathlon on a borrowed bike, to getting ready to step up into the PRO field. She talks us through her triathlon journey and how her work in the army has helped her to develop a mindset that isn’t afraid of failure, or testing limits.

Wild did an interview with TRI247, which you can read here in full length.

“I did my first triathlon when I was living in Saudi Arabia. I was waiting to join the Army as I had been delayed by three knee operations, and I wasn’t able to run. I saw a poster for a very small aquathlon in a local compound and so went along.

“From there, the friendliness and inclusiveness of the Riyadh Triathletes meant that I kept coming back. The races progressively got longer, starting from a triathlon where I borrowed a bike and rode in trainers, until the end of year when we all travelled to do Challenge Bahrain.

“I then took a very long hiatus (over 3 years) where I joined the Army, went through training and settled into the new job, before then plucking up the courage to join the Army Triathlon Association.

“It is a choice that we made to give our time to the Army, but Army Sport gives us the opportunity to find something outside of the world of tactics and doctrine.”

Full story here.