Are you ready for Challenge Sandefjord? Racing in Norway at its best! 

On August 24, 2024, the first edition of Challenge Sandefjord will take place: the Middle Distance race is already on the wish lists of professional athletes, including home favourite Kristian Blummenfelt, but for sure on the bucket lists of a large group of Age Groupers as well. Not a big surprise: Challenge Sandefjord takes participants through the beautiful inland and along the coast of Norway located only 120 kilometers from Oslo.

Participants may look forward not only to the beautiful nature of Norway, but also to a bit of historical awareness. Sandefjord has a rich Viking history, and the bike course takes participants past one of the oldest Viking ships in the country. In addition, athletes will ride over Døla Hill, which will be packed with crowds, and the music will excite everyone. “It’s wonderful news that Challenge Family is coming to Norway,” Blummenfelt said earlier.

Olav Kyree Feld, Challenge Sandefjord’s Race Director, elaborates. “By bringing Challenge Family to eastern Norway, we are giving a large number of Norwegian athletes the opportunity to do a Middle Distance in their own country. In addition, we also want to give athletes the chance to try a triathlon for the first time, so we are also organizing a ‘short super sprint’ where you can discover how much fun triathlon really is.”

Challenge Sandefjord will attract Norwegian athletes and international athletes as well. Registration for the race is open and can be found here: